Hemp Yogurth Body Mousse Forest Fruits 100ml (+18 )


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A cosmetic you want to eat. Hempking’s yogurt body mousse with a scent of forest fruit is a duo of a very pleasant scent and caring properties. Forest fruits, cocoa, natural vegetable oils and CBD provide the skin with intensive hydration, protection and a healthy glow. At the same time, the yoghurt mousse provides an amazing aroma experience.


A fruit and hemp feast for the skin – CBD mousse with forest fruits


The consistency of the mousse allows you to enjoy the jar for a long time. After warming up in your hands, it turns into a light oil that can be easily spread over the skin, while making the product very efficient.


Some important aspects:

– unrefined oils and butters are cold-pressed,

– lecithin (natural emulsifier) comes from soybeans,

– aroma is used, so the product has an intense scent,

– Hempking’s cosmetics formulas are enriched with oil and CBD extract

– vitamin E assumed the role of a preservative,

– products are cruelty-free.


Composition of INCI:

shea butter,

cocoa nut butter,

soy wax,

coconut oil,

grape seed oil,

sweet almond oil,

hemp seed oil,

Vitamin E,

aroma of forest fruits,

hemp extract with a full spectrum of phytonutrients.


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