Hempking’s Bio Hemp Protein Active 250g


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Bio hemp protein is the source of the omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 you need. The appropriate level of fatty acids means a lower risk of heart attack and stroke. Protein is the basic component of the human body. It builds muscles and supports weight reduction. Fibres in Bio protein improve the functioning of the digestive system. If you use hemp bio protein to prepare a meal it will reduce eating between meals and provide a pleasant taste experience.

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Active Bio Hemp Protein – high-quality proteins for supporting endurance and vitality

Active BIO Hemp Protein consists in 50% of hemp protein and the remaining ingredients are BIO turmeric 5%, BIO ginger 5%, BIO ashwaghanda (Withania somnifera) 5%, BIO baobab 5%, BIO banana 5%, BIO broccoli 5%, BIO spinach 5%, BIO beetroot 5%, BIO kale 5% and BIO lucuma 5%.
Active Bio Hemp Protein is more than just a plant-based protein powder that will add variety to your diet. It is a high-quality organic product, designed to have a comprehensive effect thanks to its carefully selected ingredients!
Due to its rich composition, which includes adaptogens, namely Ashwagandha, as well as vegetables (broccoli, spinach, beetroot, kale), fruit (banana, baobab, lucuma), and spices (ginger and turmeric), the protein, apart from having nutritional properties, also supports immunity, supplements your diet with vitamins, at the same time supporting vitality and endurance.
Plus, inside the jar you’ll find a biodegradable measuring spoon to help you measure out the perfect portions of product.

Active Bio Hemp Protein:

  • an interesting way to add variety to your diet,
  • a mix of vegetables, fruit and spices,
  • 100% organic composition,
  • contains omega acids,
  • complete essential amino acids,
  • contains fibre for better digestion,
  • ashwagandha to support activeness.




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