Hempking’s Oil with Milk Thistle 250ml


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The wide use and properties of hemp oil conquer the dietitian. It perfectly enriches the diet, but also home cosmetics. A duet with milk thistle has double benefits.

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Hemp oil with milk thistle is made during the extrusion of hemp seeds. Derived from certified Polish crops. 100% natural and safe. Designed for any type of diet.

It is worth having it in your kitchen for:

  • healthy, vegetable sandwiches,
  • colourful salads,
  • desserts, cakes and cookies,
  • pasta dishes,
  • cocktails and smoothies,
  • soups,
  • home-made hummus and pastes.

Remember! Hemp oil is not for frying – it loses its properties.

Another great way to use hemp oil is make home-made cosmetics. If you like to make your own cosmetics based on folk formulas, this oil will be perfect for that. Or if you want to boost up your drug store products- it’s also an amazing idea. It can be successfully added to hand cream, foot cream, body lotion, peeling or hair oil.

Hempking’s offer also includes a RAW formula and with black cumin.

Capacity: 250 ml


100% hemp oil from hemp seeds (Cannabis sativa L.)


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