Hempking’s Bio Hemp Protein Vege Complex 250g


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Bio hemp protein is the source of the omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 you need. The appropriate level of fatty acids means a lower risk of heart attack and stroke.Protein is the basic component of the human body. It builds muscles and supports weight reduction. Fibres in Bio protein improve the functioning of the digestive system. If you use hemp bio protein to prepare a meal it will reduce eating between meals and provide a pleasant taste experience.

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Vege Complex Bio Hemp Protein – a composition of complex plant proteins

Vege Complex Bio Hemp Protein consists of 4 different plant proteins: 25% of hemp protein, 25% BIO pea protein, BIO pumpkin protein, 25% BIO rice protein.
Vege Complex Bio Hemp Protein is a premium plant-based protein powder. A complex composition of different plant proteins makes it surprisingly tasty and thus it is a perfect way of adding variety to your diet, not only a plant-based one!
The rich composition of the product, which is 100% organic, will be appreciated especially by those who value complex products. By combining different types of plant proteins, you can provide your body with vitamins and minerals!
Inside the jar you’ll find a biodegradable measuring spoon to help you measure out the perfect portion.

Vege Complex Bio Hemp Protein is:

  • a way to expand your diet,
  • a composition of four organic plant proteins,
  • 100% organic composition,
  • complete essential amino acids,
  • fibre to aid digestion,
  • as much as 69 g of protein per 100 g of the product,




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