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    Ashwagandha, a supplement standardized for 10% withanolides. One capsule contains 400 mg of the product, including 1 mg of BioPerine®, i.e. black pepper extract, standardized to 95% piperine, which enhances the effect of adaptogen.
    • Gluten Free
    • Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians
    • 100% Natural
    • 120 Vege Capsules
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    Bioactive natural vitamins dissolved in bio hemp oil!

    ADEK Vitamins – A, D3, E, K2 – Patented formulas from nature for health

    • patented CaroCare®, EVnol™ and VitaMK7® formulas
    • 100% natural high-quality vitamins
    • good assimilability
    • bio hemp oil
    • safe for people with lactose and gluten intolerance
    • suitable for people on plant-based diets
  • Antioxidants Antioxidants

    Antioxidants Anti-Age 90 Vegan Capsules 


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    Cleanse the body of toxins Strengthen weakened hair, add shine to it (bamboo shoots-silicon) Ensure the right level of hydration and elasticity of the skin (collagen Nutri Clinic) Remove free radicals from the body and protect against their harmful effects (grape seeds) Strengthen blood vessels (hesperdin) Support the immune system (vitamin C) Increase collagen synthesis in the body (vitamin C) Strengthen the nervous and immune systems (oxxynea)
  • APCC – Complex of Vital Mushrooms – 50 Capsules


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    APCC  ( Active P olysaccharides Correlated Compound ) is a formula containing four vital mushrooms, standardized to 10% polysaccharides.
    • Immune and cardiovascular support
  • AquaBalance 90 Capsules


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    AquaBalance is a dietary supplement containing natural ingredients that help remove excess water from the body.
  • Be Positive Capsules


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    Be Positive (5 mg CBD, 3 mg CBG) Extract Complex Hemp King - 15 capsules Capsules for a better day:
    • version in a convenient blister,
    • support resistance to stress, concentration and vitality,
    • have high DER ratios of plant extracts,
    • standardized into active ingredients, including CBD and CBN,
    • pure composition, without unnecessary additives!
  • Best Collagen Anti-Age with Hyaluronic Acid 1000mg


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    Collagen Anti-Age  is a unique combination of type I and III collagens with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and biotin. Produced without the use of artificial preservatives, fragrances or coloring agents. The product is free of heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead or mercury.
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    BIO Algae Detox Ingredients: organic chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris), organic spirulina (Arthrospira platensis).
    • Algae from controlled cultures,
    • Sugar and lactose free,
    • 100% natural product,
    • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians,
    • Certified Organic.
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    High-quality powdered organic bananas. The product has an intense yellow colour.  It contains no artificial colours or flavours and is 100% natural.
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    High quality powdered organic beets. The product is without artificial additives, contains only natural ingredients. It has an organic certificat
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    Biowen Bio Cocoa 90g


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    High-quality organic cocoa. The product is free from artificial additives, it contains only natural ingredients. It has an ecological certificate.
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    Biowen Bio ginger  is a powdered ginger root derived from natural, organic crops without the use of pesticides. It has many valuable properties and supports our diet and body.
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