Bio Algae Detox 240 Capsules


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BIO Algae Detox
Ingredients: organic chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris), organic spirulina (Arthrospira platensis).

  • Algae from controlled cultures,
  • Sugar and lactose free,
  • 100% natural product,
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians,
  • Certified Organic.


Spirulina or chlorella? 

This product is a combination of BIO spirulina and BIO chlorella in the convenient form of natural tablets! From today you don’t have to choose – you can use both algae at once, easily. With the combination of the two, the use of freshwater algae in the diet has become easy and pleasant.

Chlorella and spirulina – what are they?

Are you wondering what spirulina is? Or maybe the question on your mind is “chlorella – what is it?” Both spirulina and chlorella are freshwater algae that are considered superfoods, or superfoods. They are valued in the diet for their detoxifying properties, supporting reduction diets or for the nutrients they provide to the diet. So what is spirulina exactly? It is an alga of the cyanobacteria species. On the other hand, the question chlorella – what is it, can be answered that it is an alga belonging to the cluster of green algae. The differences at first glance between these algae are mainly differences in color. Spirulina has a bluish color, while Chlorella is greener.

Spirulina and chlorella – properties of BIO Algae Detox

Detox and cleansing tablets also affect:
– weight control,
– protection of DNA and cells against antioxidant damage,
– immunity support,
– vitality of the body,
– supply of amino acids,
– maintaining glucose at the right level
– liver, digestive system and colon
– counteracting fatigue,
– removal of heavy metals,
– production of blood cells.

BIO Algae Detox is a product that will work for you if:

– you want to add spirulina and chlorella to your diet,
– you like convenient forms of tablet supplements,
– you value the natural composition of the products you eat,
– you want to use efficient products that last for a long time.
Use of BIO Algae Detox
We use from 3-5 tablets a day with a meal.

It should be remembered that a dietary supplement will not replace a balanced and balanced diet. Keep the product out of reach of children.




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