Black Seed Oil – a miracle from nature!

Black Seed Oil - a miracle from nature! For thousands of years, black cumin has served in many cultures as a healing agent. It alleviated various types of ailments, both external and internal. Ancient medics recommended black cumin for weakness, against hyperactivity, locally for premature graying of hair and aging of the skin. It is mentioned by the Sumerians and Egyptian hieroglyphics. Two pitchers of nigella seeds were found in the tomb of Tutankhamen, indicating the importance of this plant in ancient Egypt, where black cumin was believed to cure everything but death. References to the medicinal properties of nigella can be found even in the Old Testament, in the Book of Isaiah. Therefore, it belongs to biblical plants that have recently aroused great interest and are the subject of many publications. Black cumin oil is liquid gold, which is said to have been appreciated by Cleopatra herself. We have a lot to be grateful for the ancient Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Egyptians – they discovered and spread the use [...]

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Ancient Hemp Rituals, invaluable ways to improve your skin!

The Greek historian Herodotus said around 450. B.C.E. about the beauty secret of the Scythians: "They clean and care for their skin with hemp oil, which makes it cleansed and radiant”. No wonder, after all, minerals such as gamma linolenic acid GLA prevents inflammation and vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids have a regenerating and rejuvenating effect on the skin. On the other hand, the unsaturated fatty acids contained in hemp oil incredibly care for the skin, prevent moisture loss and drying of the skin, and even regenerate the skin lipids produced by the body. Polyunsaturated fatty acids also in hemp oil alleviate aging of the skin. Let's not forget that the skin is not only, right after the intestine, the largest excretory organ,and even then more absorbent than the gut. Hemp works from the inside and outside and takes care to make our skin prettier, our eyes shine, and our hair strong and shiny. Hemp used in the production of Hempking cosmetics is grown without the use of pesticides [...]

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Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Delight your significant other by preparing an amazing evening full of magic of smells, tastes and relax :) Also give yourself your vitality before the approaching night by sipping the amazing Hempking Vitality Tea from Hempking! Make your home smell of love on this special day, there is nothing nicer than a beautiful smell floating from the kitchen. We will help you do it! Bake delicious Hemp Tart with raspberries. To begin with, I will write how to prepare the dough. You will need: Ingredients for shortcrust dough 1 fuller glass of wheat flour - 180 g 1 tablespoon hemp protein Hempking           Buy here: Hempking’s Bio Protein 250g - Health Priority Store half a cube of butter - 100 g 1 yellow medium egg 3 flat tablespoons of icing sugar - 30 g a pinch of salt Ingredients for the cream 200 g mascarpone cheese 1 vanilla pudding without sugar - 35 g package 4 flat tablespoons of icing sugar - 40 g 300 ml of milk Other ingredients 500 [...]

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Seeds Are The Essence Of Life

  Our ancestors fed largely on products with a high concentration of living macromolecules, such as buds, roots, seeds, nuts and fruits, and tubers or leaves. We are genetically adapted to this original way of eating. Part of optimal nutrition are certainly seeds including hemp seeds. They contain vital substances in their original form as a symphony of nutrients with a synergy effect. That is, the interaction of different factors is greater than the sum of individual actions. Nowadays, many people suffer from energy deficiency, are exhausted and feel chronic fatigue. Primary seeds, including hemp, transmit to us their life force, which we receive in the form of increased levels of energy, creativity, assertiveness and vigor. Ecological superfoods give us the strength and willingness to try to leave the world a better place and thus do something for the public. Move the world at its core. Seeds are actually a concentrated life-forced essence of life, a concentrate of super nutrients. It is from the seed that a new life is [...]

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A Healthy Step Into The New Year!

This year has taught us a lot, changed us, allowed us to experience the unimaginable. It is not for nothing that we are longing for the New Year, wishing each other health, hope and normality! The New Year is a time of reflection, an opportunity to make changes in life. It motivates us to plan and set goals. The new twelve months give us a new chance to get things done. It is worth using this "New Year's mechanism" as an excuse for changes in our nutrition! If you really want to eat healthily, then first of all you need to avoid any unhealthy fast food snacks or unhealthy sweets. These products contain many preservatives, flavor enhancers, as well as a high content of fats and salts. Processed products do not have vitamins or nutrients. Instead, add superfoods to your New Year's menu. Why is it so extremely healthy? The answer is very simple : "These are natural plant-based products that have been used in different cultures for millennia and [...]

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World Soil Day 2021

The event aims to raise awareness of the importance of soil quality for human well-being, food security and ecosystems. Soil is vital for life on earth. It regulates water regimes, carbon emission, ensures the nutrient uptake of plants, enhancing plant health, and it feeds us. Soil contains most of the nutrients for living creatures. We all depend on soil, so the more that is understood of it, the better the human race thrives, from beautiful gardens to crops that produce our food. Fertile soils are invaluable for our future and health. Adding organic matter to the soil nourishes the beneficial fungi and bacteria. Together, fungi, bacteria, nematodes and protozoa produce the soil food web. This web gives humans all the solutions for healthy food. Overuse of artificial fertilizers disrupt soil quality, affecting the nutrition plants extract from the soil. Adding organic matter to the soil instead of artificial fertilizers, helps plants to become stronger and healthier; effectively benefiting human health and ensuring food security. We need fertile soil more [...]

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Welcome to the first Black Friday at Health Priority Store World!

Black Friday is one of the most exciting shopping days of the year; even if you're not into shopping and are just interested in looking out for good deals on organic superfoods, hemp food, hemp beauty or CBD products, you will find exactly what you are looking for in our online store! There is also a 20% discount waiting for our customers on all products and free samples of CBD creams added to every order! CBD Hempking’s cosmetics are perfect for daily skincare. They are suitable for all skin types, dehydrated and sensitive skin, and those affected by problems such as eczema, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. Creams are 100% natural, not subject to any genetic modification, with impeccable biological purity. Cannabinoid CBD has been obtained only from proven crops on which no chemicals have been used. Regular use of cosmetics with CBD allows you to maintain a beautiful appearance of the skin and radiance. Thanks to our carefully selected ingredients of natural origin and the use of the highest quality [...]

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14th November World Diabetes Day

This day emphasizes maintaining a healthy lifestyle and providing education regarding diabetes. Diabetes is a health condition which is caused by high blood sugar level and because of that patients should follow a diet low in carbohydrates and calories. In fact ,regulating and controlling your diet can improve your body’s repose to insulin and help managing the ailment in the long run. Managing diabetes is all about making some adjustments in terms of what you eat ,how much you eat and when you eat. According to the World Health Organisation(WHO) diabetes affects over 220 millions people globally and the consequences of high blood sugar kill 3.4 million every year. If such statistics were not scary enough, the WHO is predicting deaths to double to 2030…:( It is worth considering. Don’t you think? Here are some superfoods that can help people  fight with  diabetes effectively: Beetroot fight diabetes effectively . Beetroots are not only delicious and satisfying but also low on the carbohydrate content. They are also a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients [...]

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The boon of nature is now in your tea cup

Hemp tea is one of the oldest and at the same time the most effective medicinal preparations. It has a long history, comes from Asia and was created from dried flowers, stems and leaves of hemp. Traces of cannabis use have been found in many archaeological sites throughout China since Neolithic times. That is, it was used in one form or another between 10000 and 2000 BC. n. Hemp tea has a sedative and sleep-inducing effect. Research carried out in the 1970s shows that CBD influences particular sleep stages, especially the deep sleep phase REM. This phase is shortened and wakefulness phase is prolonged. This, in turn, affects the entire length of sleep-it lasts longer and is more effective, which means you get better sleep and rest. Hemp tea also has a positive effect on the body’s energy management. This is possible because the protein contained in the cannabis strains slows down digestion and prevents blood sugar spikes. This, in turn, allows you to keep [...]

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Hemp Cookies

Cookies Are Very Fragile, Delicate And Buttery, And In Addition, They Can Be Up To Triple Hemp Strength! Why Triple?? This Standard Recipe For Brittle Cake Has Been Enriched Not Only With Hemp Seeds, But Also With Hemp Protein With Spirulina, And In Addition, To Enhance The Effect, You Can Replace The Classic Butter To Hemp. 120 G Of Chilled Butter (Can Also Be Hemp) 3 Tablespoons Of Natural  Brown Sugar 2 Tablespoons BIO  Hemp Protein And  BIO Spirulina 2 Tablespoons Whole BIO Hemp Seeds 150 G BIO Wheat Flour We Start The Preparation Of Cookies By Sifting Dry Ingredients, I.E. Flours, Powdered Sugar And Hemp Proteins With Spirulina, Thanks To Which The Cookies Will Have A Uniform Greenish Colour. Then Add Chopped Chilled Butter And Use Your Fingers To Knead Until Smooth. Roll Out The Dough On A Pastry Board, Then Use The Cookie Cutters. I Used ” Halloween’s Bats “ Sprinkle On Top With Hemp Seeds And Put Into The Freezer For About 1 Hour. Place The Cookies [...]

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