Biowen Bio Chlorella 120g


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A natural powder product made from freshwater green algae. To maintain the highest quality and avoid contamination, chlorella is grown in special tanks.

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Thanks to the jar and aluminium cap, the product is safely stored. The package includes a dedicated measuring scoop.

Bio Chlorella – properties:

  • shows detoxifying properties,
  • a natural source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals,
  • supports the regeneration of the body after exercise,
  • has a positive effect on digestion,
  • supports the work of the liver,
  • it contains a high content of dietary fibre and protein
  • contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones, growth and maintenance of muscle mass, perfectly supplementing a vegetarian or vegan diet,
  • source of provitamin A,
  • green algae is rich in chlorophyll, the so-called green blood

Bio Chlorella – using:

Recommended serving – 2 to 4g. Dilute in liquids – 150 ml of water.

Diet supplement. It cannot replace a balanced diet.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of the supplement.

Bio Chlorella – ingredients:

Bio Chlorella 100% (Chlorella Pyrenoidosa), powdered.


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