Hempking’s Bio Protein Cocoa 250g


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Protein is the basic component of the human body. It builds muscles and supports weight reduction. Fibres in Bio protein improve the functioning of the digestive system. If you use hemp bio protein to prepare a meal it will reduce eating between meals and provide a pleasant taste experience.

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Bio hemp protein is the source of the omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 you need. The appropriate level of fatty acids means a lower risk of heart attack and stroke.

Vitamin E – responsible for radiant and healthy skin – contained in the Bio hemp protein, thanks to EFAs it is better absorbed.

Bio cocoa hemp protein is classified as a wholesome protein because it provides the body with essential amino acids, i.e. amino acids that the human body cannot produce on its own. It has to be taken from food. In addition, it fits perfectly for a vegan, vegetarian diet and for people with food allergies.

Bio cocoa hemp protein – perfect for you when:

  • you reduce weight or want to keep it even,
  • you exercise and train intensively,
  • you work to build muscle mass,
  • you live in the vegetarian or vegan style,
  • you care about natural and organic products,

Composition and nutritional values:

80% bio hemp protein, 20% bio cocoa.

Nutritional values:

Energy: 1471.8 KJ, 352.4 kcal

Fat: 11g

Saturated fats: 2.74 g

Monounsaturated fat: 2.26 g

Polyunsaturated fats: 5.66g

Carbohydrates: 7.06 g

Sugars: 0.94 g

Protein: 45.62 g

Fibre: 23 g

Salt: 0.12 g


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