The event aims to raise awareness of the importance of soil quality for human well-being, food security and ecosystems. Soil is vital for life on earth. It regulates water regimes, carbon emission, ensures the nutrient uptake of plants, enhancing plant health, and it feeds us. Soil contains most of the nutrients for living creatures. We all depend on soil, so the more that is understood of it, the better the human race thrives, from beautiful gardens to crops that produce our food.

Fertile soils are invaluable for our future and health. Adding organic matter to the soil nourishes the beneficial fungi and bacteria. Together, fungi, bacteria, nematodes and protozoa produce the soil food web. This web gives humans all the solutions for healthy food. Overuse of artificial fertilizers disrupt soil quality, affecting the nutrition plants extract from the soil. Adding organic matter to the soil instead of artificial fertilizers, helps plants to become stronger and healthier; effectively benefiting human health and ensuring food security. We need fertile soil more than ever !

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“The health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible”

Albert Howard