Superfoods are on everyone’s lips.  Perhaps because of their popularity amongst celebrities, the word has become fashionable, but is that enough? What is it about superfoods that make them so exceptionally healthy? 

Nutrient-rich foods, which have been used in various cultures for thousands of years for their health-giving benefits, give the body a major boost.  They’re jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and are popular due to their rejuvenating properties. Superfoods are not only beneficial for health and well-being, they also have an impact on our beauty and youthful freshness as one of the best anti-aging foods we can get.   

Superfoods can give us a ‘health kick’ to repel disease and slow down the aging process. They are a miraculous complex of nutrients, a power generator from mother nature. Superfoods significantly improve our well-being and make us feel great, and all because the body gets what it really needs such as  antioxidants, dietary fibre, enzymes, vitamins , minerals and essential amino acids . Superfoods support the production of serotonin, detoxify cells, strengthen the immune system, introduce balance in the body and refresh the body, mind and soul. 

Antioxidants, although their name sounds mysterious, are naturally occurring chemicals that can neutralize free radicals. They have a beneficial effect on the human body, including slowing down aging and protection against cancer. Examples of products with high antioxidant potential are MAQUI BERRIES, BAOBAB, CHIA SEEDS, ASHWAGANDHA, MORINGA AND HEMP. 

HEMP has a high antioxidant potential and research shows that it can reduce high blood pressure as well as the level of oxidative stress.  It also improves the elasticity of blood vessels, relieves inflammation and joint pain, and prevents problems of the circulatory system. This is thanks because of   vitamins such as E, B , fatty acids Omega-3, dietary fibres or minerals like magnesium, phosphorus ,zinc and iron . All these substances are found in hemp! 

Superfoods are like good friends, to whom we can turn when we need help! They make us attractive, both inside and out – so let’s start using our kitchens to improve our health and happiness.